About Us



katsujin ken / setsunin to (this is likely a misuse of the terms, but approximates a common reading of them)

Our mentality is in line with aggressive and decisive action. We also understand deference and deterence as well as defense...and more likely offense. Compassion and empathy and regard for others is paramount in becoming better people rather than just better fighters. I've chosen Anguli Mala as the avatar of our group for a reason. We approach things mindfully and with intention, but if necessary, we have the capacity for intent. "Improving compassion by improving capacity."



We strive for technical skill. We want to get as close to perfection as possible, hope for proficiency, and at the very least we train for self-preservation. That is the minimum goal. There is grace and mastery to be had in all things, this is something we work toward. 



We train from an ADVERSARIAL perspective. We want to understand potential threats in order to manage them better. This means that there is a fair amount of training which is academic/didactic.