Sources and Resources

The Sources - hopefully we will affiliate someday


The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association is Tuhon Jared Wihongi's organization, through which he teaches both the Tri-V and TRICOM curricula. I VERY strongly suggest joining as it is a primary source of a considerable portion of what we practice. Our goal is to become a certified and sanctioned study group.

TUS Total Urban Survival is the most recent iteration of Silat Sharaf, formerly known as Silat Mubai. This is a no-frills, no bullshit system which its founder Ustaz Hussein Udon has spend decades fortifying and streamlining. It is aggressive and pragmatic. The TUS/Sharaf crew are also some of the realest and chillest in the industry. Our goal, again, is to become a certified study group.  


Urban Combatives is the life work of Lee Morrison, who combined WW2 combatives with his own aggressive and pragmatic personality, ultimately creating a monster. As soon as the group gets up and running I would very much like to get the funds together to officially teach under his banner.


Scott Babb's interpretation of knife play which has origins in the Filipino martial arts and has been highly pressure tested to create an ultra aggressive edged weapons system which is optimized for extremely close quarters use of smaller knives. I would very much like to continue in my distance education training in this art. 


Mittmaster is the pad holding curriculum of Matt Chapman. I am hoping to improve my pad holding skills as I work through his system.


Filipino Combat Systems, Ray Donald's organization that teaches an awesome Kali blend. These guys clean up and are closely affiliated with both the Atienza and Sayoc clans. I am a student member of this organization currently at the lowest rank (haven't sent them any training videos)



I am not now, nor have I in the past, been licensed or certified to teach these systems. I am working toward this goal. Part of that means sending in training videos to these master trainers and founders to complete distance training programs.


Remember, our club is FREE. 

If you want quality and legitimate training in the SLC area, there is an amazing variety of martial arts schools. We are sort of spoiled by amazing local martial arts instructors. I would most highly recommend the following: Ajarn/Professor Will Bernales is the state (if not regional) representative of the Thai Boxing association, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt under Pedro Sauer, and the affiliate for Inosanto Blend Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD Concepts in Utah. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Brandon Kiser and Brian Yamasaki are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelts and the representatives for Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) in Utah. They are also involved in the TBA (Thai Boxing Association). They are both accomplished fighters and skilled and patient instructors. This is an incredible MMA gym. They also work closely with Ajarn Greg Nelson.

Tuhon Wihongi also has a number of students who teach in the area, albeit not super publicly to the best of my knowledge. The annual TRICOM and PTTA camps are held in SLC, however, and can be registered for at

There are several BJJ gyms (Pedro Sauer was based in Utah for many years), a few Thai boxing gyms (Splintered off of the now out of business MTI/Muay Thai Institute of Kunponli and their master trainer and one of my former instructors [I am NOT certified to teach under him] Khru Sakasem "Punisher"  Kwathawong...who is no longer in the state), as well as some traditional Karate, Judo, TKD, & Aikido schools in Utah. Utah is also one of the hubs for Ed Parker style Kenpo (he was a BYU student).  

Much respect for the local community. My goal is not to be in competition with anyone, this is a club, not a school. Please support your local martial arts schools.