Group Facilitator

Garland Hummel

I‘m a husband, a father, ICU nurse, a former psychiatric technician, and a martial arts enthusiast. I am a perennial student, a foodie, a knife collector, a movie buff, and a craft beer junkie. 

Martial Arts Background

NOTE: I am currently not credentialed or certified to teach any of the following. I’m working on it. 

*Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

-former amateur fighter, training since my early teens under different khrus/coaches 

*Filipino Martial Arts

-mostly Pekiti Tirsia and Inosanto Blend Kali 


-working on a correspondence course to teach Silat Sharaf


-working on a correspondence course to teach Libre

*Urban Combatives

-hoping to gauge interest to start a formal study group.

Educational Background

BSN-RN University of Utah 2014

BSc Anthropology U of U 2012

BSc Clinical Psychology Westminster 2008

-working on a doctorate nurse practitioner program for psych/mental health

-finishing an AAS in Criminology for fun

-working on a YTT-200 cert